How to Block Brows like the pros.

You will need:

  • Spoolie Brush
  • Metal Spatula
  • Spirit Gum + Spirit Gum Remover
  • Wax
  • Castor Sealer
  • Sponges
  • Concealer

Please note that when using Spirit Gum you will also need to purchase the Spirit Gum Remover! Be gentle when removing and remember to cleanse and moisturize the skin once all the product is removed.

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Step 1:

Using a spoolie brush, comb brows downwards and coat with spirit gum. Proceed to brush them upwards adding a bit more product as needed. Flatten brows as much as possible. Once the spirit gum starts to become tacky, continue to flatten the brows by lightly pressing a metal spatula into the skin moving in an upward direction.

Step 2:


Proceed with a wax. Take off a very small piece, warm it up with your finger tips and roll into a small ball. Smooth this overtop of the already flattened brow and use the same technique with the spatula (as discussed in Step 1).

Step 3:


Apply a sealer with a wedge sponge over top of the wax. Once evenly coated, absorb any moisture with transluscent powder and a powder puff. The sealer insures the makeup application will provide the proper finish and prevents discolouration of your concealer.

Step 4:

Layer concealer in a stippling motion over top of the brow ( I like to use a Beauty Blender for better coverage). Start by color correcting with a yellow tone to neutralize the darkness of your natural brow. Continue to layer with a concealer that’s your skin tone (or tone desired depending on the look you want to achieve) until the brows are completely blocked out. Set with transluscent powder.



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philosophy's new serum gives you "no reason to hide"

This past week we attended philosophy’s latest event and were introduced to newest serum, “no reason to hide”. The name certainly got us thinking of what this multi-imperfection serum could do for our skin. We soon realized that this wasn’t only about what the product can do and hide but how it can help to bring out a confident reflection of ourselves.

As woman, we love our products and take time out of our days for our daily skincare regimen. We cleanse, we tone, we moisturize all to look our best on the outside. We rarely take the time to see what makes us naturally beautiful and practice positive self talk.

Beauty Note: 

Add a few positive affirmations to your daily routine and notice how it changes the way you feel about yourself.


The product:

No reason to hide serum was formulated as an all-in-one serum solution to target many skin concerns. It is clinically proven to treat blotchiness, redness, dark spots, acne scaring, pores and rough textures. In just 4 weeks 88% of women showed a decrease in red spots and blotchiness. By the 12th week, 100% showed transformative improvement on multiple skin imperfections.

After using the serum for a few days, our skin is feeling a lot softer, some redness has demised and our pores both seem to a bit smaller. Of course the most dramatic results will appear after at least 6 weeks of use but we like what we’re seeing so far!


Be sure to check out philosophy’s confidence community on Facebook .  Get involved with with #noreasontohide , reveal your confidence personality and enter for the chance to win prizes (like a $2,500 Hudson’s Bay shopping spree, a year supply of no reason to hide and other philosophy fan favorites), and of course help spread the confidence!

This event challenged us to bring out the positive in ourselves and exude self confidence. Just another reason why we can’t get enough of philosophy and what they stand for!

No reason to hide multi imperfection transforming serum ($72.00/30ml) is available at all philosophy retailers including Shoppers Drug Mart and Hudson’s Bay company.

Victoria & Justine

The Beauty Team

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