BACKYARD BUILDS: Hear from the Onset Makeup Artists!

Get insider info from our hair and makeup artists on the set of HGTV’s Backyard Builds and learn top tips for looking flawless on screen!

FullSizeRender (7)

We asked The Beauty Team artists, Justine and Natasha, a few questions about their experience working on the set of Backyard Builds:

  1. You used FACE Atelier products on Sarah and Brian. Which were your favourites?

J: My favourite FACE Atelier products had to be the FACE Atelier Ultra Pressed Powder for Brian and FACE Atelier Jolie Lipstick for Sarah—she loves a pop of colour!

N: Other than FACE Atelier, Pro Long Wear Concealer from MAC was great for under their eyes or on any problem spots.

  1. How did you control shine on long shoot days?

face_atelier_ultra_matteJ: The trick to controlling shine was to prime with FACE Atelier Ultra Matte, use the FACE Atelier Ultra Pressed Powder then follow with one more layer of FACE Atelier Ultra Matte.

N: Blotting papers by Elf and Make up Forever HD loose powder were key for controlling shine. On long days we would even clean the face and start fresh!

3. What were your set bag essentials?

J: My set bag essentials were the FACE Atelier Ultra pressed powder, FACE Atelier Jolie Lipstick, and two bottles of water with straws to keep the talent hydrated!

N: For me, Make up Forever HD translucent powder, lip balm, and make up setting spray!

  1. What was your favourite look on Sarah?

J: Sarah always looked her best with a bit of Colour Runway on the cheeks and FACE Atelier lipstick in Jolie on the lips!

N: For Sarah, less is more! Blush and a coral lip!

  1. What is a typical day as a makeup artist on set of Backyard Builds?

J: No two days were the same on Backyard Builds! I was always ready to climb a tree house ladder for touch ups.

N: A typical day on an outdoor set meant always being ready behind the scenes to fix flyaway hairs!

  1. What is your best tip for looking amazing on camera?

J: The best tip to looking good on camera is staying hydrated.

N: Blending your blush and contour is important but don’t be afraid to go a little heavier as the camera may not pick up the pigment!

Be sure to tune in for the premiere of Backyard Builds on April 6th at 10 p.m. and catch the work of The Beauty Team on the big screen!

xo The Beauty Team


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Conair Infiniti Pro Straightener – Pro or No?

image1Our hair expert and OUAI Canadian Educator, Alysse, tested out the Conair Infiniti Pro Straightener and we just had to ask her about it!

Here are her answers:

Q: What are your favourite features of this product?

A: The number one thing was that it heated up quickly and was simple to use! I personally loved how it left some movement in my hair as opposed to making it pin straight and lifeless. My models also loved how it didn’t pull and made their hair feel silky and shiny.

Q: Who would you recommend this product to?

A: I would recommend this product to a variety of hair types however, if you have very kinky roots this product is not for you. The straightener doesn’t get close enough to smooth them out. I would say the target market is the girl on-the-go. It heats up quickly and smooths out hair giving you a polished look in minutes.

Q: Would you use this on a daily basis?

A: I would definitely use this on a daily basis. It’s always good to have easy-to-use products on hand to make mornings less stressful! Not to mention, if it makes my models happy I really can’t complain!

Q: Overall, do you give this product your stamp of approval?

A: Yes! It surprised me. I didn’t think I would like it as much as I did! I would definitely recommend trying the Conair Infiniti Pro Straightener.

Thanks Alysse!

If you’re always on-the-go but don’t want to sacrifice your beauty routine, the Conair Pro Infiniti straightener may be the perfect tool to add to your belt.

Try it out and let us know what you think of the Conair Infiniti Pro Straightener!

xo The Beauty Team

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Our favourite Valentine’s Day Beauty Products

Whether it’s Valentine’s or “Galentine’s”, our top products for the infamous holiday will make you fall in love!

Glo-Minerals Lip-Suede matte crayonsv day 1

These lip crayons are a Valentine’s Day essential for many reasons. Coming in a range of romantic hues, there is no question why we would want to smack this on our lips for the big day. They are also peppermint scented, allowing you to embrace those up-close moments. With an extreme long-wear formula, you won’t have to worry whether they are kiss-proof. Feel free to test that out for us!

NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer

v day 2Wearing your heart on your sleeve doesn’t mean you can’t hide spots and dark circles. That’s why we recommend NARS Soft Matte Concealer for a flawless complexion on your night out.


Unwind before or after a romantic night out with LUSH’s Valentine’s Bath Bombs.

v day 3

The Cupid Bath Bomb is sure to give your bath the holiday themed colour you are looking for. Calm pre-date jitters with bergamot oil and fresh raspberry juice.

v day 4

We also love LUSH’s Lover Lamp. Pamper your skin with this aphrodisiac-inspired cocoa butter and Brazilian orange oil bath bomb.

Makeup Forever’s Uplight Face Luminizer Gel

v day 5

We think Valentine’s Day is a day to shine. Illuminate with Makeup forever’s uplift. Apply it to cheekbones, collarbones, or anywhere you want a subtle shimmer. The gel formula ensures an irresistible glow that will last all night.

v day 6


Finish off your V-Day look with Dior’s Iconic Mascara. This wand is nothing less than magic as it gives limp lashes the volume they deserve. Swipe this on and they won’t forget that “your eyes are up here”.


Find love this year by treating yourself to these fabulous products!

xo The Beauty Team

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Micellar Water, the solution to great skin?

micellar_cleansing_waterBy now you’ve probably heard someone talking about Micellar Water . The convenient cleansing water has quickly become the latest skincare trend in Canada.

First originating in Paris, France to help Parisians deal with the harsh water supply Micellar Water is a product suited for each and every skin type. The simple ingredients and hypoallergenic formulas make it a great option for hyper sensitive and acne prone skin.

The alcohol-free formula can be used to remove all traces makeup (even mascara) with a cotton pad…and it really does quite the job! Micelle molecules purify your skin by removing makeup, drawing out dirt and oil while gently cleansing the skin without stripping it of it’s natural oils. Although, if you’re quite oily your face might not feel thoroughly cleansed, if this is the case we recommend a quick wash with a gentle cleanser after removing makeup.

Lazy girls are in luck! These products are rinse-free making it a perfect for those late nights when you don’t have enough energy to go through your entire skin care regime but at least want to remove your makeup.

There are many options when it comes to purchasing Micellar Water.  Bioderma has been an industry staple for years; showing up in Makeup Artist’s kits worldwide.  We are also loving versions by Marcelle, Garnier and Simple skincare which are all available at your local drug store.

Will you be trading in your extensive skincare regime for this new trend?

♥ Victoria 

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Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit


Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit is a perfect contour and highlighting palette for the everyday woman, Makeup enthusiast and of course Professional Makeup Artist!

The highly acclaimed hypo-allergenic palette comes with 6 well-crafted powder shades that are suitable for light to medium skin tones. The shades include:

  • Sand – Soft beige for light to medium skin with warm and neutral undertones.
  • Vanilla – Peachy nude for light to medium skin with warm beige undertones.
  • Banana – Warm nude which universally flatters all undertones.
  • Java – Soft mocha for light to medium skin with cool olive undertones.
  • Fawn – Toffee nude for light to medium skin with cool, beige and olive undertones.
  • Havana – Coffee brown for light to medium skin with warm olive undertones.


To achieve the flawless contour and highlight, use a sculpting brush (we love tarte’s slenderized bamboo contour brush). Apply the most suitable light shade for your skin tone under your eyes, chin, top of nose, middle of forehead. Apply the right dark shade for your skin tone at the top of your hair line of your forehead, below your cheekbones and both sides of your nose and jaw.



If you have any trouble follow Kevin Aucoin’s guide below from Face Forward and remember to blend!





The blendable colours allow for the perfect combination of contour and highlighting results in amazing sculpted and defined features of the face.


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How to Block Brows like the pros.

You will need:

  • Spoolie Brush
  • Metal Spatula
  • Spirit Gum + Spirit Gum Remover
  • Wax
  • Castor Sealer
  • Sponges
  • Concealer

Please note that when using Spirit Gum you will also need to purchase the Spirit Gum Remover! Be gentle when removing and remember to cleanse and moisturize the skin once all the product is removed.

                        images-1  images-7

Step 1:

Using a spoolie brush, comb brows downwards and coat with spirit gum. Proceed to brush them upwards adding a bit more product as needed. Flatten brows as much as possible. Once the spirit gum starts to become tacky, continue to flatten the brows by lightly pressing a metal spatula into the skin moving in an upward direction.

Step 2:


Proceed with a wax. Take off a very small piece, warm it up with your finger tips and roll into a small ball. Smooth this overtop of the already flattened brow and use the same technique with the spatula (as discussed in Step 1).

Step 3:


Apply a sealer with a wedge sponge over top of the wax. Once evenly coated, absorb any moisture with transluscent powder and a powder puff. The sealer insures the makeup application will provide the proper finish and prevents discolouration of your concealer.

Step 4:

Layer concealer in a stippling motion over top of the brow ( I like to use a Beauty Blender for better coverage). Start by color correcting with a yellow tone to neutralize the darkness of your natural brow. Continue to layer with a concealer that’s your skin tone (or tone desired depending on the look you want to achieve) until the brows are completely blocked out. Set with transluscent powder.



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philosophy's new serum gives you "no reason to hide"

This past week we attended philosophy’s latest event and were introduced to newest serum, “no reason to hide”. The name certainly got us thinking of what this multi-imperfection serum could do for our skin. We soon realized that this wasn’t only about what the product can do and hide but how it can help to bring out a confident reflection of ourselves.

As woman, we love our products and take time out of our days for our daily skincare regimen. We cleanse, we tone, we moisturize all to look our best on the outside. We rarely take the time to see what makes us naturally beautiful and practice positive self talk.

Beauty Note: 

Add a few positive affirmations to your daily routine and notice how it changes the way you feel about yourself.


The product:

No reason to hide serum was formulated as an all-in-one serum solution to target many skin concerns. It is clinically proven to treat blotchiness, redness, dark spots, acne scaring, pores and rough textures. In just 4 weeks 88% of women showed a decrease in red spots and blotchiness. By the 12th week, 100% showed transformative improvement on multiple skin imperfections.

After using the serum for a few days, our skin is feeling a lot softer, some redness has demised and our pores both seem to a bit smaller. Of course the most dramatic results will appear after at least 6 weeks of use but we like what we’re seeing so far!


Be sure to check out philosophy’s confidence community on Facebook .  Get involved with with #noreasontohide , reveal your confidence personality and enter for the chance to win prizes (like a $2,500 Hudson’s Bay shopping spree, a year supply of no reason to hide and other philosophy fan favorites), and of course help spread the confidence!

This event challenged us to bring out the positive in ourselves and exude self confidence. Just another reason why we can’t get enough of philosophy and what they stand for!

No reason to hide multi imperfection transforming serum ($72.00/30ml) is available at all philosophy retailers including Shoppers Drug Mart and Hudson’s Bay company.

Victoria & Justine

The Beauty Team

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Caribana Makeup Inspiration

The 48th annual Caribana Toronto Festival is today! This entire weekend, Toronto will be absorbed with infectious feel-goob vibes, music and more, as the vibrant costumes and bold makeup looks dance their way down Lakeshore Blvd. And with over a million tourists expected this weekend, everyone is going to be rocking the boldest colors, the most extravagant looks and definitely the most sparkle from head to toe (literally)!

We have gathered some inspirational photos and tips to create the best and definitely the longest lasting makeup looks.

Caribana Makeup Inspiration


Beauty Note: MAKE UP FOREVER is one of our go to brands for carnival makeup as they have a lot of options that can help bring any creation to life! From pigments to sparkles, jewels to lashes, MUFE has it all. To add some glitz, MAKE UP FOREVER‘s Glitters and Crystal Strass Stones are perfect.

MAKE UP FOREVER, MAKE UP FOREVER glitters, sparkles, eye makeup

MAKE UP FOREVER jewels, crystals, stones, body stones


Caribana Makeup Inspiration


Beauty Note: For luscious lashes, ones that you can bat the day and the night away, we love Mink LashesFemme Fatale lashes, specifically A Girl’s Best Friend and Mr.Demille (shown below).

Femme Fatale Mink Lashes, false lashes, eyelashes,



Caribana Makeup Inspiration
Caribana Makeup Inspiration


Beauty Note: Whether it be sparkly lips or lids, there are multiple ways to help the glitter adhere to the skin better. Firstly, start with moisturizer. Secondly, you can use Vaseline Petroleum Jelly or a mixing medium, which creates base for the glitter to stick to. For your lips specifically, mixing the glitter with clear lipgloss or balm works well.


Caribana Makeup Inspiration


Beauty Note: To create some vibrant lids, Maybelline New York’s 24HR Color Tattoo Collection is highly pigmented and will last you through the day and all through the night.


Maybelline New York 24HR Color Tattoo, MNY, Maybelline, Eye makeup



Rihanna, Caribana, Caribana Makeup


To end off our list, we had to finish off with the fabulous Rihanna. She shocked everyone last year in this bejewelled number that turned more than a few heads. Filled in brows, black liner on her lids with a touch of shimmer on the inner corners of her eyes, and a matte nude lip was perfectly paired with her glitzy carnival costume.


Beauty Note: To add more “oomph” to those lashes, Dior’s Addict-It Colored Mascaras from their summer collection is perfect. You can match it to your parade costume or simple have your lashes stand out, making a bold statement on their own!

Dior Addict-It Mascara



What bold statement will you be making at the Toronto Caribana this year?





The Beauty Team





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Festival Hair Inspiration

Osheaga hits Montreal and Veld Music Festival at Downsview Park in Toronto for a full 2 days this long weekend, and we’re excited to see what hairstyles will be making their way through the crowd. If you are looking for the perfect “do” to complete your look, we have some ideas for you!


The Flower Crown

One of the most obvious festival hairstyles that was popular at Coachella, the flower crown is at the top of our list. Crowns can be created with any flower, the bigger the better and the bolder.

Festival Hair Inpsiration, Festival Hairstyles, Flower Crown, Floral Headpiece

Beauty Note: For extra holding power, start off with second-day hair & if you need an additional boost, spritz Garnier’s Dry Shampoo.


Waves & Braids

There are a lot of waves & braid combos, from side braids to braid crowns. For this particular look, braid sections of the hair back and pin it into a loose bun. Finish off by braiding the piece of hair directly below.

Festival Hair Inspiration

Beauty Note: Don’t forget your finishing spray! It will keep these locks into place as you dance all day and all night with Pantene’s Flexible Hold Spray.


Flower Accessories

Not into the flower crown? No problem! We have a pretty solution – flower accessories. You can find these little gems at any beauty supply store.

Festival Hair Inspiration

Beauty Note: For extra hold, spray the pin ‘prongs’ with hairspray before securing it in your hairstyle. You can add these pins to any look, a messy bun, a ponytail & more.


The Milkmaid Braid

Sarah Hyland‘s hairstyle at the Golden Globes is a perfect festival “do.” It keeps the hair up and out of your face, ideal for summer weather.

Festival Hair Inspiration

Beauty Note: To keep the braid in place, don’t forget to place bobby pins throughout to keep it secure.


Which festival hairstyle is your fave?




The Beauty Team



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Lime Crime Tips

This summer season, brighten up those tips with Lime Crime Nail Lacquers. They are bright, vibrant and bold. We are in love with two tone tips with ‘funky’ designs, which can be easily created using these fun nail polishes. With a few simple steps you can re-create designs straight from the nail salon.

All you need is your chosen nail colors and some nail art tape, which can be found at your local beauty supply store.


1. Paint your nails a base coat in your desired color

Lime Crime, Nail Polish

2. Apply nail art tape on dried nail polish in your chosen design

Nail Tape Application, Nail Art

3. Apply second coat of nail polish in a contrasting nail color & let it dry

4. Take off nail tape & apply top coat

5. Voila! You have fun & creative tips

Nail Art, Nail Designs

#BeautyNote: If you stick your nails under cold water, your nails will dry a tad bit faster!


Happy #ManiMonday!




The Beauty Team

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